Posted by: yubroz | 15 October 2012

Balung Musical Craft

This afternoon I drove to Balung with a friend who was looking for a Hadrah musical instrument. Armed with information from one of the Craftsmen Souvenirs in Balung Tutul, we headed to the residence of Mr. Bambang, who was together with his father H. Armari, has long engaged in this effort. After talking for a while we went to craft workplace.

musical craft

We saw variety goods of raw materials and semi-finished, some are finished ​​and packaged neatly. While in conversation we played Terbang briefly, there was a question, where all this stuff is shipped? It turned out pretty far, to the Netherlands! There are several types including Jimbe, Terbang, Kendang etc. For the Jimbe, there are several sizes ranging from small, medium and large with a diameter of about 40cm. Interested? Please visit there, from Balung-Puger Highway, turn left at the T-junction Patona, approximately 300m to the east. Happy beating!


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