Taman Botani Sukorambi (Sukorambi Botanical Garden)

GPS COORDINATE -8.1630650 113.6610030

Located ± 7km west of the city of Jember or more precisely in the District Sukorambi. Named “Taman Botani Sukorambi (Botanical Garden)” was coined by the owner who are experts in agriculture and plantations. This place introduces a variety of plants combined with a swimming pool and the view of beautiful valley and rice fields. Thus create an artificial attractions that draw tourists to visit.

With area ± 8ha, Sukorambi Botanical Gardens provide nice facilities such as swimming pool for adults and children, café, conference hall, a beautiful cottage, playground for the kids and fishing pond. The natural scenery is nice and suitable for recreation for visitors who find a place to relax.



  1. GOOD

  2. kLu inFo ‘n pictures ttG wisata waterbOOm baru yg d’daerah kaLiurang itu kok GDa?? kLu gk salah namanYa Tiara WaterbOom.. pnGen taUu bWgd, sbELUm ksnaa.. 😀

    • sbnarnya masih sangat banyak yg belum di update tetmasuk hotel dan kuliner.. banyak sekali yang baru.. terimakasih masukannya semoga bisa sgera terlengkapi. salam Ajib!

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