Watu Ulo

GPS COORDINATE -8.4255500 113.5608290

Watu Ulo is one of fairly well-known beaches in Jember – well beyond the county and even outside the province, probably because of the uniqueness that is in accordance with the name – Watu Ulo meaning Stone Snake – there is a cluster of rocks that jutted from the shore into the sea that looks very similar to a snake. There is a folk legend that says that the tail of the Watu Ulo penetrate inland to the north coast.

Watu Ulo  is the neighbour of PAPUMA dan Payangan Beach – so if you visit here, don’t forget to visit those another two beaches!



  1. dari papuma ke watu ulo apa bisa lewat pantai mas …… berapa lama ya atau berapa km jaraknya ………tolong infonya ke dewogundhul@yahoo.co.id ya …… matur nuwun infonya ….

    • Lokasinya berdampingan. Silahkan cek di link google map.

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